David Fine

Director, McKinsey South Africa

David Fine was the first South African to join McKinsey’s Johannesburg office when it opened in 1995. Now a Director, he leads the office and McKinsey’s work in South Africa. He is deeply committed to the country’s development and transformation, and works with government and business leaders to strengthen public services, boost job creation, and improve life for all South Africans.

David has worked closely with senior leaders in South Africa and elsewhere to design and deliver such integrative solutions. For example, he supported the largest merger in South Africa, including defining the new organisation and operational architecture. He helped lead a large-scale performance-transformation program at a major publicly owned company. He helped a leading bank rethink its future—including its role Africa’s economic rebirth. He shaped a multisector strategy to combat HIV/AIDS in a Southern African country. And he led a broad, performance-based-culture change program for a major South African mining company—building insights and capabilities from the top team right through to the frontline.

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