Eline van den Broek-Altenburg

Assistant Professor, University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine

Dr. van den Broek-Altenburg is Assistant Professor and Vice-Chair for Population Health Science at the University of Vermont Medical Center. She holds a Ph.D. in Health Services Research with a cognates in Biostatistics and Economics (2018), a MSc in Public Health (2014), a post-MA degree in Journalism (2008) and a MA in Political Science (2003). Her research focuses on studying the determinants and distributions of health in specific populations and estimating the effect of policy reform and medical interventions on population health outcomes and healthcare utilization. She is specialized in modelling demand for health care services; and is particularly interested in value-based healthcare from the patient- and provider perspectives and the health- and economic effects of value-based payment reforms. Dr. Van den Broek-Altenburg has also made important contributions in further developing standardized quantitative measures to compare health systems and assess health system performance.  

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, Dr. van den Broek-Altenburg has led a number of population health studies, including one in Vermont looking at the prevalence and incidence of COVID-19 in the general population identifying factors that may increase or decrease the risk of infection. In addition, Dr. van den Broek-Altenburg has been involved in several international studies gathering behavioral epidemiology data documenting the impact of the crisis on individuals, both in health, financial and psychological terms.

In 2005, Dr. van den Broek-Altenburg founded a health policy think tank in The Hague and served as its director until 2012, in charge of its research agenda and winning grants from public and private organizations. Between 2003 and 2012, she also worked as a health policy fellow with research institutes in the U.S. and Europe and was a health policy adviser in the Dutch and European Parliaments. She contributed to the public debate by publishing scholarly papers and op-eds, and she was frequently seen and heard in the media. In 2012, she went back to academia and has since won several awards and grants for her research, including Academy Health’s Alice S. Hersh Scholarship which recognizes scholars with commitment to the field of health services research and potential to contribute to health policy.


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