Fabio Panetta

Head of the Department for Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy, Banca d'Italia

Fabio Panetta is Head of the Department for Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy at the Banca d'Italia. He holds a Ph.D. in Finance from London Business School. Since 2004 he has taken part in the meetings of the ECB's Governing Council as Accompanying Person of the Governor of the Bank of Italy. In 2000/1 he participated in the G-10 Working Party on Financial Sector Consolidation and chaired the Task Force on Efficiency, Competition and Credit Flows. From 2003 he has been a member of the G-10 Governors' Committee on the Global Financial System.

His research work has been published in numerous journals, including The American Economic Review; The Journal of Finance; The Journal of Money, Credit and Banking; The European Economic Review. His current research focuses on: the effects of bank mergers, the determinants and consequences of IPOs, and the effect of credit risk transfer on the activity of banks.

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