Gautam Rao

Doctoral Candidate in Economics, UC Berkeley

Gautam Rao is a Doctoral Candidate in Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. His research is in behavioral and development economics, on topics including prosocial behavior, health behavior, and education in developing countries. He uses field and lab experiments to test behavioral economics theories and improve education and health outcomes, and to study economically important but difficult-to-measure phenomena such as discrimination, fairness preferences and biased beliefs.

He has been an Invited Speaker for the 2014 Review of Economic Studies Tour, a Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellow, a Center for Equitable Growth Dissertation Fellow, a CIDER Graduate Fellow at UC Berkeley, and a Levin Family Fellow. Other achievements include the UC Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award, a Program in Psychological Economics award, a National Merit Scholar award, and grants from the Gates Foundation (ATAI pilot grant) and USAID (DIV grant).

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05 March 2014

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