Guido Alfani

Associate Professor of Economic History, Bocconi University

Guido Alfani is Associate Professor of Economic History at Bocconi University where he is also a Fellow of Dondena Centre and of IGIER. He held visiting positions of various kind at Bordeaux University, Cambridge University, École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris), Glasgow University, Oxford University, Sorbonne University (Paris), Umeå University. He serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Economic History and of Genus. He is also the organizer of the international scientific network EI-Net (Economic Inequality Network -

An economic and social historian and an historical demographer, he published extensively on medieval and early modern Italy and Europe, specialising in economic inequality, in processes of concentration and distribution of wealth, in the history of epidemics and famines, in social alliance systems and social networks. In 2012-2016 he was Principal Investigator of the ERC-funded research project EINITE-Economic Inequality across Italy and Europe, 1300-1800 (, whose aim was to reconstruct long-term trends in wealth and income inequality in different areas of the continent. He is now P.I. of another ERC-funded project, SMITE-Social Mobility and Inequality across Italy and Europe, 1300-1800 (project running 1 June 2017 - 31 May 2022).

His recent publications include Calamities and the Economy in Renaissance Italy, Palgrave, 2013, Economic inequality in northwestern Italy: A long-term view (fourteenth to eighteenth centuries), Journal of Economic History, 75 (4), 2015 and Growing apart in early modern Europe? A comparison of inequality trends in Italy and the Low Countries, 1500–1800, Explorations in Economic History, 62, 2016 (with W. Ryckbosch).

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