Henrik Isakson

Senior Adviser, Swedish National Board of Trade

Henrik Isakson is a Trade Economist and Senior Adviser at the Swedish National Board of Trade. After getting his masters degree in Economics from the University of Lund he worked for three years at the Swedish Federation of Trade, an organisation representing the interests of traders, retailers and wholesalers. Since coming to the Board of Trade in 2003 he has worked with analysis of such diverse issues as anti-dumping, steel subsidies and textile quotas. Lately, he has focused much of his work on comparative analysis, including attempts to measure the degree of openness of various markets, as well as studies of vertical specialisation. He have also been working, on behalf of the Swedish Foreign Ministry, on ideas on how to fill the renewed EU Lisbon strategy (EU 2020) with a concrete trade policy dimension. He now works mostly with the internal EU market and how it is relating to external EU trade policy.

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