Jamus Lim

Senior Economist at the Development Prospects Group, World Bank

Jamus Lim is a Senior Economist at the Development Prospects Group of the World Bank, which he joined as a Young Professional. He was educated at the University of California, the London School of Economics, and the University of Southern Queensland, where he obtained doctoral, masters, and honors degrees, respectively (all in economics). Previously, he has had stints in academia (Centre College), the think tank circuit (the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies), and investment banking (the former J.P. Morgan).

Lim’s areas of research expertise (and interest) lie primarily at the intersection of international economics and political economy, especially with regard to financial crises, but he has also worked on topics in international development, comparative political economy, and information and communications technology. His technical work has been published in refereed journals and conference volumes, but he also contributes to the policy dialog with the occasional op-ed and semi-regular posts to the econoblogosphere.

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