Jean-Claude Piris

Consultant for EU law and international public law, Piris Consulting

Jean-Claude Piris is a Consultant for EU law and international public law at Piris Consulting in Brussels. He is a Member of the Comité Scientifique of the Fondation Schuman (Paris), the Strategic Council of the European Policy Centre (Brussels) and the Advisory Board of the Centre for European Reform (London). He is the author of many articles and books on Europe and the EU. Piris is former Legal Counsel of the European Council and Director General of the EU Council’s Legal Service (1988-2010). He was the Legal Advisor for the intergovernmental Conferences revising the EU Treaties (from Maastricht to Lisbon). He is an Honorary French Conseiller d’Etat, former Director Legal Affairs of the OECD and former French diplomat to the UN.

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