Jeffrey Williamson

Laird Bell Professor of Economics, Harvard University and CEPR Research Fellow

Professor Williamson is the Laird Bell Professor of Economics, emeritus, Harvard University and Honorary Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Economics. President of the Economic History Association (1994-1995) and Chairman of Harvard’s Economics Department (1997-2000), specialist in economic history, development, and trade, he has published more than thirty books and 200 articles. His most recent books are: The Spread of Modern Manufacturing to the Periphery since 1870 (2017 Oxford: ed. with Kevin O’Rourke); Has Latin American Inequality Changed Direction? (Springer 2017: ed. with Luis Bértola); Unequal Gains: American Growth and Inequality since 1700 (Princeton 2016: with Peter Lindert); The Cambridge History of Capitalism (Cambridge 2014: ed. with Larry Neal); and Trade and Poverty: When the Third World Fell Behind (MIT 2011).

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