Joachim De Weerdt

Co-founder and Research Director, Economic Development Initiatives

Joachim is Co-founder and Research Director at Economic Development Initiatives (EDI), a research institution based in Tanzania. The company grew from a small two-person start-up in 2002 to Africa’s most respected research firm with, by 2014, 30 core employees and typically dozens of interviewing teams out on the field conducting surveys. In 2010 Joachim headed the creation of a new-generation survey software package, called surveybe, which now allows researchers worldwide to conduct complex surveys on handheld devices. Joachim’s research aims to understand the lives of the poor, with a focus on networks, informal insurance, internal migration, early childhood development, behavioural economics, impact evaluation and measurement through surveys. His work has been published in the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Development Economics and the International Journal of Epidemiology, among others.

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