Jose López Córdova

Senior Country Economist for Mexico at the Inter-American Development Bank

Ernesto López-Córdova is Senior Country Economist for Mexico at the Inter-American Development Bank. His current work focuses on understanding those factors that affect firm performance in Mexico and other developing countries. He has written on the impact of migrant remittances on development, on the liberalisation of the Mexican economy and its implications, and on the determinants of international trade flows. Prior to his current position, he led the Enterprise Analysis Unit at the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group.

His publications include: “The Impact of International Trade on Democracy: A Long-Run Perspective” (co-author, World Politics, July 2008); “How Sensitive are Latin American Exports to Chinese Competition in the US Market?” (co-author, Economía, Spring 2008); “Has Globalization Deepened Income Inequality in Mexico?” (Global Economy Journal, 2007); "Globalization, Migration and Development: The Role of Mexican Migrant Remittances," (Economía, Fall 2005); “NAFTA and Manufacturing Productivity in Mexico” (Economía, Fall 2003); “Exchange-Rate Regimes and International Trade: Evidence from The Classical Gold Standard Era” (co-author, American Economic Review, March 2003). López-Córdova holds a PhD in Economics from UC Berkeley and a BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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