Marga Peeters

Research Fellow, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Marga Peeters is a Research Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Previously, she worked at the Directorate General of Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission where she coordinated the reports on European Neighbourhood Policy.

Before this EU-assignment she was Monetary Policy Adviser of the International Monetary Fund at the Banka e Shqipërisë (central bank of Albania), she was Assistant Manager in the research department of De Nederlandsche Bank, and she was Post-doc Fellow at the Banco de España, the University of Warwick, the Université Catholique de Louvain and the Centre de la Recherche en Economie et Statistique. Her research and policy interests are international and public finances, monetary policy and applied econometrics. She holds a PhD in applied econometrics from Maastricht University and studied econometrics at Tilburg University.

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