Marion Jansen

Chief Economist, International Trade Centre

Marion Jansen is the Chief Economist and Director of the Division of Market Development at the International Trade Centre (ITC), where she is responsible for the annual SME Competitiveness Outlook and has the lead on ITC’s contributions to G20 processes. She previously held appointments as counsellor in the World Trade Organization (2012-2014; 1999-2009) and as Head of the Trade and Employment Programme in the International Labour Organization (ILO; 2009-2012). She worked in the private sector (economics consulting) before joining the WTO.

Marion holds a PhD in economics from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain) and undergraduate degrees from the Universities of Toulouse (France), Konstanz (Germany) and Passau (Germany). She has lectured at the University of Geneva, the World Trade Institute, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the European University on international trade, socioeconomic effects of globalization and managerial economics.

Her research interests cover the fields of standards and regulations in international trade, services trade, migration and the use of economics in international economic law. Her work has been published in refereed journals like the Review of International Economics, World Economy and Food Policy. She has edited and authored a number of influential publications on trade and labour, including the ILO-WTO volume "Making Globalization Socially Sustainable".

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