Matt Waldron

Manager, Monetary Assessment & Strategy Division, Bank of England

Matt has worked in a variety of roles in the Monetary Analysis area of the Bank of England since joining in 2003.  The bulk of the first five years of his career were focused on providing briefing to the MPC on household sector issues, including on the interaction between house prices, debt and consumption.  Since then, Matt has worked predominantly on model development and forecasting, having worked on a project to build and implement the Bank’s latest macroeconomic forecasting platform (which included building a DSGE model of the UK economy and IT to produce forecasts and analyse them). 

Matt is currently manager of the Strategy Team in MASD, responsible for briefing and providing policy advice to the MPC on monetary strategy issues.  His research interests include DSGE modelling, forecasting and monetary policy at the Zero Lower Bound.

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21 September 2017

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