Michael Gasiorek

Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Sussex and Associate Professor at GREQAM

Michael Gasiorek is a specialist in international trade whose interests lie in both empirical and theoretical research. His empirical research has focussed on the impact of trade liberalisation within the EU, between the EU and third countries, and between regions within countries. His current applied research is focused on the process of trade liberalisation between the EU and the Southern Mediterranean, as well as intra-Southern Mediterranean trade liberalisation, with a particular focus on rules of origin.

His theoretical research interests lie principally in the implications of trade liberalisation on the welfare consequences of the localisation and agglomeration of production. Current work in this area involves looking at these issues in the presence of multinationals. Michael Gasiorek has published widely in both books and journals, such as the European Economic Review, the Journal of Common Market Studies, Applied Economics and the European Economy.

He has also produced a number of reports for the European Commission (on the impact of the internal market on trade and production, on the consequences of greater price transparency within the EU arising from monetary union, and on the regional impact of Cohesion Fund expenditure), and the UK government (on measuring the regional impact of infrastructure improvements). He is also an Associate Professor at GREQAM, one of the top three research institutes in France, as well as being a member of the FEMISE (Forum Euro-Mediterranéen des Instituts Economique) Steering Committee.

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