Michael Orlando

Principal of Economic Advisors, Inc and former Vice President and Branch Executive of the Kansas City Fed's Denver Branch.

Dr. Michael J. Orlando is Principal and Owner of Economic Advisors, Inc., an economics consulting firm based in Denver. He began his career with Shell Oil Company. He served in the Economic Research Department at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and then as Vice President and Branch Executive of the Bank’s Denver Branch. He also worked as Vice President for Research and Product Development with a business analytics firm specializing in computational linguistics.

Dr. Orlando’s research spans a range of topics in applied microeconomics, including the economics of payments networks, corporate governance, the geography and industrial demography of innovation, energy, and environmental policy. He has also co-authored a textbook on money and banking. Dr. Orlando holds degrees in economics from Washington University in St. Louis, business administration from Tulane University, and petroleum and natural gas engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.

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