Paul Krugman

Professor of Economics, Nobel Laureate, and CEPR Research Fellow

Paul Krugman, winner of the 2008 Nobel prize in Economics, is Professor of Economics and International Affairs at Princeton University having previously taught at MIT and Stanford. Academically, he is the founder of several new areas in international economics including the "new trade theory" (a contribution that was recognised with the John Bates Clark medal in 1991 and the Nobel medal in 2008), the “new economic geography", models of financial crises, and exchange rate movements.

He has published widely in the fields of international trade, open macroeconomics, exchange rate theory, international development, and economics geography with more than 20 books and 200 academic papers to his name. He was Senior Staff Economist on the Council of Economic Advisors 1982-83 and has advised governments and international organisations throughout the world. He is a Columnist for the New York Times since 2000. He did his PhD at MIT with Rudi Dornbusch. He has been a CEPR Research Fellow since 1983.

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