B. Peter Rosendorff

Professor of Politics, New York University

B. Peter Rosendorff is Professor of Politics at New York University. Previously, he wasDirector of the Center for International Studies and Associate Professor of International Relations and Economics at the University of Southern California. His research has been published in American Political Science Review, American Economics Review, Quarterly Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, American Journal of Political Science and International Organization, among others. His latest book, Information, Democracy and Autocracy: Economic Transparency and Political (In)Stability, was published in 2018 by Cambridge University Press.  

He is editor of the interdisciplinary journal, Economics and Politics, and on the editorial boards of International Organization, American Journal of Political Science and Review of International Organizations. He has also served on the editorial boards of International InteractionsandJournal of Politics. His research examines the linkages between domestic politics and international economic policy, cooperation and law, with applications to human rights, terrorism, international trade and investment, and democratization.

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