Prakash Loungani

Assistant Director, IMF Independent Evaluation Office

Prakash Loungani is an Assistant Director in the IMF’s Independent Evaluation Office. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Vanderbilt University's Owen School of Management, a Senior Fellow at OCP Policy Center (a global think tank based in Rabat, Morocco) and a member of the advisory board of JustJobs Network based in New Delhi. During 2010-15 he was co-chair of the IMF's group on Jobs & Growth. Since 2012, he has been on various World Economic Forum councils on employment issues and real estate markets. He has 25 years of job experience at the IMF, the Federal Reserve System and the University of Florida. His research interests include: causes of unemployment; global housing markets; impacts of energy prices and climate change; and assessment of forecasting performance. He blogs as 'The Unassuming Economist' (

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