Roger Backhouse

Professor of the History and Philosophy of Economics, University of Birmingham

Roger E. Backhouse is Professor of the History and Philosophy of Economics at the University of Birmingham, UK. His main research interest, supported by the Leverhulme Trust, is an intellectual biography of the economist Paul Samuelson. He has also written The Puzzle of Modern Economics (Cambridge University Press, 2010) and, with Mauro Boianovsky, Transforming Modern Macroeconomics: Searching for Disequilibrium Microfoundations, 1956-2003 (CUP, 2013). With Philippe Fontaine, he has edited a series of volumes on the history of the recent social sciences: The History of the Social Sciences since 1945 (CUP, 2010), The Unsocial Social Science? Economics and Neighboring Disciplines since 1945 (Duke University Press, 2010) and A Historiography of the Modern Social Sciences (CUP 2014).

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