Ruixue Jia

Assistant Professor in the School of Global Policy and Strategy, University of California, San Diego

Ruixue Jia is an assistant professor of Economics at the School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego, where she focuses her research on the political economy, development economics, and economic history. She received her PhD from the Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University in 2013.

One stream of Jia’s research focuses on understanding elite formation and elite influence, in both historical and modern contexts. She has published research on how open access to elite status matters for political stability. She has also studied how competence and loyalty jointly determines who becomes a top politician in China. Her recent work is to understand how China’s national college entrance exam affects elite formation and social mobility. A second stream of Jia’s research examines the deep historical roots of economic development. She has published research on the long-run impact of the treaty ports system and the determinants of peasant rebellion. A third theme of Jia’s research focuses on the evolution and the impact of social norms. She has studied the impact of social norms on ethnic choice in China and elderly suicide in South Korea.

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