Sahar Parsa

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, New York University

Sahar Parsa is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Economics at New York University. She received her doctoral degree in Economics from MIT in 2011. She held positions at Tufts University and the University of Los Andes, in Bogota. Her current research interests are in structural, political, and cultural transformation. In a series of projects with different co-authors, she is exploring the rise of women in political positions, and the evolution of cultural attitudes. In ongoing research, funded by an NSF grant, she explores the determinants of the East Asian Growth miracle and the role of managerial capital and connections in the structural transformation and development of post-war Japan. In this last project, she is developing and leveraging new computer-vision techniques to digitize a large amount of old archival information and unstructured historical data.

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26 November 2021

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