Shusaku Sasaki

Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Tohoku Gakuin University; Guest Associate Professor, Center for Infectious Disease Education and Research, Osaka University

Dr. Shusaku Sasaki is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Tohoku Gakuin University. He joined the faculty in 2020. He is also a Guest Associate Professor at the Center for Infectious Disease Education and Research (CiDER) at Osaka University, and an expert member of The Behavioral Sciences Team (BEST) of the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Osaka University. He received his BA in economics from Kyoto University and his MA in international public policy from Osaka University. 

Dr. Sasaki’s area of expertise includes behavioral economics, experimental economics, and policy analysis. His research interests are prosocial behaviors (charitable giving, volunteering, blood donation, and energy saving) and health behaviors (health habits, infection prevention, and vaccination). He has published in several academic journals including Journal of Economic Psychology, Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, and Social Science & Medicine.

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