Terhi Jokipii

Economist, Financial Stability Unit, Swiss National Bank

Terhi Jokipii is an Economist in the Financial Stability unit of the Swiss National Bank (SNB). Before joining the SNB in 2008 she studied at the Cass Business School in London, from where she obtained a Ph.D. for a thesis on bank capital management. She attained her MSc. in Management from the University of Kent at Canterbury (2000), MSc. in Finance from the ICMA Center, The University of Reading (2001) and completed the Advanced Studies Program at the Kiel Institute for World Economics (2004).

Previously, she was a Visiting Scholar at the Bank of Finland, and conducted research at the Bank of England, the Swedish Institute for Financial Research and the European Central Bank. Her main research interests focus on varying aspects of banking institutions, in particular bank capital management and risk taking, as well as the link between the banking sector and the real economy.

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