Toshihiro Okubo

Professor of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Keio University

Toshihiro Okubo is Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Economics of Keio University. His research areas are international trade, new economic geography, urban economics and regional science in theoretical as well as empirical studies. His current research topic is on the new economic geography models with firm heterogeneity and public policies. In particular, he has interest in firm productivity, firm heterogeneity, agglomeration, delocation/off-shoring/hollowing-out, public policies and economic policies in the linkage with international trade and foreign direct investment (FDI).

He was awarded the Bachelor degree in economics from Hitotsubashi University in 1999 as a top student, and then Master's degree from Hitotsubashi University in 2000 as a top student. He was awarded MA (Economics) by the University of Michigan in 2003. In 2005 he obtained Ph.D. in International Relations and Economics from the University of Geneva and Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva (HEI), supervised by Richard E. Baldwin. The title of his dissertation was New Aspect of New Economic Geography and Public Policies. From June 2005 to September 2006 he was Post-doctoral Fellow (funded by Swiss National Foundation) in Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva (HEI). He was also Research Fellow at Hitotsubashi University (from November 2005 to February 2006), and Research Associate at the University of Manchester.

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