Yoshihiko Kadoya

Associate Professor of Economics, Hiroshima University

Yoshihiko Kadoya is an Associate Professor of Economics at Hiroshima University. Previously, he was a Designated Associate Professor (2015-2016) and Lecturer (2013-2015) at the Graduate School of Economics, Nagoya University; Assistant Professor at ISER, Osaka University (2011-2013); and Research Fellow at the University of Sydney Business School (2011).  He received his Ph.D. from the University of Sydney.

His fields of research include health economics, health services research, and public policy. In these fields, he has a broad range of interrelated research interests that include sustainability and quality assurance mechanisms related to market design of long-term care provision, the impact of individual and household decision-making on public financing as a part of the economics of aging and long-term care, and international comparisons with OECD members and other East Asian nations. He has published in leading academic journals including Journal of Women and Aging and Politics and Policy as well as a book and various discussion papers. He also participated as a guest speaker by the National Health Security Office of the Government of Thailand, among other events.

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