Video Vox

A brief guide to economics by Oriana Bandiera and Fraser Clark.

John Van Reenen 19 July 2019

John Van Reenen discusses how 'superstar firms' such as Google and Apple have changed the global economy.

Lucrezia Reichlin 15 July 2019

Lucrezia Reichlin discusses the need for parsimonious models that exploit a data-rich environment to capture the simple drivers of the economy from complex data sets.

Swati Dhingra 10 July 2019

Swati Dhingra asks what Brexit tells us about the contribution of globalisation to the productivity and wage stagnation we see across the developed world.

Esther Duflo 01 July 2019

Esther Duflo discusses how she has been involved in a number of experiments aimed at getting people to consume iron in various forms, but none of them have been entirely successful.

Simon Burgess 25 June 2019

Simon Burgess of Bristol University discusses how, despite any tactics involved in parental selection, the key factor in a successful application to an oversubscribed school in the UK will still be how close to it you can afford to live.

Arun Advani 20 June 2019

Last year, the UK failed to bring in £33 billion in tax. Arun Advani discusses the role tax audits can play in helping to bring this money in. 

17 June 2019

Esther Duflo discusses the impact of affirmative action for women in Indian politics at the local level which means that in every election, a number of randomly chosen villages must elect a female leader.

John Kay 13 June 2019

John Kay of St John's College, Oxford explains why the scope for applying probabilistic-type reasoning to economics is limited.

Marianne Bertrand 04 June 2019

Marianne Bertrand examines the role that large firms play in influencing laws and how this influence and lobbying can result in policies which are not always in the interests of the majority.



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