Video Vox

Paul Krugman 15 January 2018

How important are titles when it comes to communicating economics? In this video, Paul Krugman underlines the importance of arguing in a way that the largest audience possible can understand. This video was recorded at the "Ten year after the crisis" conference in September 2017 for Communicating Economics.

Ruth Greenspan Bell 10 January 2018

Should countries keep extracting natural resources? In this video, Ruth Greenspan Bell discusses the challenge of promoting development while protecting the environment. This video was recorded at UNU-WIDER in May 2016.

Michael Clemens 03 January 2018

Does financial aid contribute to economic growth? In this video, Michael Clemens argues it has, on average, positive effects on growth but the investment has diminishing returns. This video was recorded at the Royal Economic Conference held in London in April 2013.

Ioana Marinescu 22 December 2017

What is the impact of extending unemployment benefits on overall employment? Ioana Marinescu argues that it leads people to search less, but the reduction in competition implies that the probability of finding a job is higher. This video was recorded at the EEA annual conference held in Mannheim in August 2015.

Alex Thier 18 December 2017

Effectiveness is essential to ensure the functioning of a state. Alex Thier explains why understanding a particular environment is important to ensure the adequate policies are implemented. This video was recorded at the International Growth Centre in July 2017.

Sanjeev Gupta 13 December 2017

An effective state ensures that certain public services are provided. In this video, Sanjeev Gupta discusses lessons learned from assisting fragile states in implementing tax systems. This video was recorded at the International Growth Centre in October 2017.

Minouche Shafik 11 December 2017

Firms operating in fragile states face unique conditions. In this video, Minouche Shafik explains why the private sector is vital for the recovery of fragile states. This video was recorded at the International Growth Centre in October 2017.

Daniel Müller, Fabian Herweg 08 December 2017

The EU allows quantity discounts but forbids discriminatory discounts. Daniel Müller and Fabian Herweg explain how consumers benefit from this law. This video was recorded at the Royal Economic Society's annual conference held in Manchester in Spring 2015.

Christopher Pissarides 06 December 2017

Communicating economic ideas is becoming more complicated. Christopher Pissarides advises to communicate research through books and articles using simple language. This video was recorded at the 6th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences in September 2017.

Jonathan Haskel 04 November 2017

Modern companies seem to make three times more revenues with half the tangible assets. In this video, Jonathan Haskel discusses what the move to knowledge investment means. This video was recorded at Imperial College Business School, in November 2017.