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Juan Dolado 15 February 2022

In the UK around 1 million workers have so-called zero-hours contracts. Does this mean that gig-economy workers are being exploited, or do they expand flexible working?

You can read more about this research and download the free DP:
Dolado, J, Lale, E and Turon, H. 2021. 'Zero-hours Contracts in a Frictional Labor Market'. CEPR

Jonathan D. Ostry 08 February 2022

How much do economic downturns affect the amount of energy we use and the source of that energy? New research suggests that the shock from Covid-19 might create a permanent increase in our use of renewable sources.

Read more about this research and download the free DP:
Deb, P, Furceri, D, Ostry, J and Tawk, N. 2021. 'Creative Destruction During Crises: An Opportunity for a Cleaner Energy Mix'. CEPR

Gordon Dahl 01 February 2022

Election results delight or disappoint us, but do they also affect the size of our families? New research examines the partisan impact of the 2016 US presidential election.

Read more about this research and download the free DP:
Dahl, G, Lu, R and Mullins, W. 2021. 'Partisan Fertility and Presidential Elections'. CEPR

Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti 24 January 2022

International travel and tourism collapsed during Covid-19. Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti sets out the impact has this had on countries that depend most on tourism.

Read more about the research behind this and download the free DP:
Milesi-Ferretti, G. 2021. 'The Travel Shock'. CEPR

Liwa Rachel Ngai 18 January 2022

As an economy develops, more women take jobs outside the home. To what extent is this change happening in Africa, what factors slow this transformation down, and what could encourage it?

Read more about this research and download the free DP:
Dinkelman, T and Ngai, L. 2021. 'Time Use and Gender in Africa in Times of Structural Transformation'. CEPR

Does the law of one price hold when we order wine in a restaurant? A team of dedicated economists has analysed more than 900 wine lists to find out.

Read more about the research behind this interview and download the free DP:
Cardebat, J, Gergaud, O, Regibeau, P and Rockett, K. 2021. 'Price Dispersion in Wines'. CEPR

Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan 04 January 2022

What were the effects of fiscal policy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic at the firm, sector, country and global level, and how efficient was it?

Read more about this research and download the free DP:

Gourinchas, P, Kalemli-Ozcan, S, Penciakova, V and Sander, N. 2021. 'Fiscal Policy in the Age of COVID: Does it 'Get in all of the Cracks?'' CEPR

Moritz Schularick 21 December 2021

Today, one in four nations is governed by a populist. What will this mean for their economies? Moritz Schularick explains that a century of data suggests that the economic and institutional cost of populism is high and long-lasting.

Dirk Niepelt 14 December 2021

The CEPR Research and Policy Network on FinTech and Digital Currencies has published an ebook on the design and implications of central bank digital currency. Dirk Niepelt, leader of the RPN, explains why the topic is on the minds of many central banks — and the issues on which economists agree and disagree.

Download the eBook:
Dirk Niepelt, Central Bank Digital Currency: Considerations, Projects, Outlook, CEPR, 2021

A new CEPR ebook examines how public procurement, especially in an emergency, can cut red tape without increasing corruption and waste. Editors Erica Bosio, Giancarlo Spagnolo, and Oriana Bandiera explain what Covid-19 and other recent events have taught us.

Download the eBook:
Oriana Bandiera, Erica Bosio, Giancarlo Spagnolo Procurement in Focus: Rules, Discretion, and Emergencies, CEPR

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