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Eliana La Ferrara 18 October 2019

Eliana La Ferrara examines the impact of two examples of media that aims to be entertaining while conveying an educational message.

Ekaterina Zhuravskaya 15 October 2019

Ekaterina Zhuravskaya takes on one of the most complicated topics of our time: fake news.

Eliana La Ferrara 11 October 2019

Eliana la Ferrara discusses her research on how to leverage the positive effects of racial diversity.

Ekaterina Zhuravskaya 08 October 2019

Ekaterina Zhuravskaya discusses the link between middlemen minorities and the drivers of anti-Jewish violence in the Russian Empire.

Eliana La Ferrara 05 October 2019

'Neglecting the component of what the poor perceive as attainable is a serious shortcoming,' says Eliana La Ferrara, as she talks about her work on inequality.

Rachel Griffith 05 September 2019

Rachel Griffith uses the example of the calorie paradox to illustrate how researchers sometimes need to give up their preconceptions and go with what they see in the data.

Rachel Griffith 22 August 2019

Rachel Griffith argues that the current corporate tax system needs a rethink if it is to be made fit for modern times.

Ufuk Akcigit 15 August 2019

Ufuk Akcigit discuses how new technologies need to be diffused as widely as possible in order for the economy to benefit.

Rachel Griffith 08 August 2019

Rachel Griffith discusses how holistic policies are needed to counter the problems of obesity and poor nutrition, with the aim of changing peoples’ entire decision-making processes around food and activity.

Philipp Ager 05 August 2019

Phillip Ager asks whether the introduction of preschool education contributes to a fall in fertility in the industrialised world.



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