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Alberto Alesina 27 March 2020

There have been more than 80,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and more than 8,000 deaths in Italy. Will its economy and political system be strong enough to withstand this shock, and how can policy -- domestic and European -- help?

Thorsten Beck 26 March 2020

Thorsten Beck of Cass Business School, author of a chapter in the new CEPR/VoxEU eBook on 'Mitigating the Covid Economic Crisis', talks to Tim Phillips about what governments should do to lessen the impact of the current abrupt collapse of economic activity on the availability of access to credit for firms across Europe.

Download the eBook here: Mitigating the COVID Economic Crisis: Act Fast and Do Whatever It Takes

Richard Baldwin 26 March 2020

Richard Baldwin explains the economic & epidemiological shocks brought by the COVID19 pandemic, as well as the links between flattening the medical curve and the recession curve, in this first of a series of pocket lectures about Covid-19 from

Enrico Perotti 25 March 2020

Enrico Perotti tells Tim Phillips that while regulatory reform means that banks are unlikely to be at risk, the same is not true for the shadow banking sector. Does this threaten financial stability, and what should policymakers do about it?

Beatrice Weder di Mauro 24 March 2020

How can euro area countries work together to protect their economies? A diverse group of economists has suggested the creation of an emergency Covid credit line. CEPR President Beatrice Weder di Mauro tells Tim Phillips how it would work.

Betsey Stevenson 23 March 2020

Textual analysis of the leading principles of economics textbooks reveals that the world students are exposed to in the books is very male.

Richard Blundell 16 March 2020

How do some workers who left school at a relatively young age with low qualifications go on to succeed in the labour market?

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary efforts

A video interview recorded with Richard Baldwin and Beatrice Weder di Mauro to mark the publication of the CEPR / VoxEU 'instant' eBook, Economics in the Time of Covid-19.  Tim Phillips discusses the themes of the book and the economic challenges ahead

Download the book FREE here 

Paola Sapienza 06 March 2020

Paola Sapienza argues that immigrants are particularly good proof of certain cultural aspects, because they may live in economic conditions that are very different from their country of origin. 

Leah Boustan 02 March 2020

Are the children of immgrants to the US who are being raised below the middle class able to move up?



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