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Shlomo Weber, 14 September 2018

English is the most widely-spoken language in Europe, but after Brexit it will cease to be an official language of the EU. Tim Phillips speaks to Shlomo Weber about which languages will become more important as a result, and the long-term implications for the English language — and the people who speak it. 

Two decades ago the four authors of the CEPR's first Geneva Report on the World Economy examined the future of the IMF. This year, for the 20th report, they returned to see what progress has been made. Tim Phillips talks to Barry Eichengreen, Charles Wyplosz, José De Gregorio, and Takatoshi Ito about how the IMF has evolved, and the threats both to the IMF and the entire multilateral financial system.

Daniel Cohen , 31 August 2018

In the French presidential election the parties of right and left collapsed, beaten by political newcomer Emmanuel Macron and the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. Daniel Cohen of the Paris School of Economics tells Tim Phillips about research that explains why millions of French voters are no longer responding to traditional political messages.

Neil Cummins, 24 August 2018

The north of England and Wales lag the south in output per person, educational attainment, and even life expectancy. Neil Cummins of the London School of Economics tells Tim Phillips that this can be explained entirely by a 200-year 'Big Sort - the migration south of talented people, replaced by less-able southerners who move north.

Ralph Koijen, 17 August 2018

New drugs mean that many types of cancer are no longer a death sentence. But new medical treatments may have a catastrophic financial cost for patients. Tim Phillips talks to Ralph Koijen about how life insurance, not medical insurance, might finance the war on cancer.

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