Dominic Rohner, 22 January 2021

As the climate heats up, what does it mean for the number, and the scale, of conflicts in Africa? Dominic Rohner warns Tim Phillips about the impact that climate change has had in the continent already and the danger signs for the future.

Neil Gandal, 15 January 2021

What is behind the pinballing price movements of Bitcoin? Neil Gandal tells Tim Phillips how supply and demand works for cryptocurrencies.

You can download Neil's paper, The Microeconomics of Cryptocurrencies (Neil Gandal, Joshua Gans, Guillaume Haeringer, Hanna Halaburda), free here

Mathias Thoenig, 08 January 2021

A new study uses detailed data on the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany to investigate why individuals become refugees. Mathias Thoenig tells Tim Phillips about a simple policy that would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives in the 1930s, but is still ignored today.

Konstantin Sonin, 18 December 2020

Among other things, it has not been a great year for global democracy. So in the final VoxTalk of 2020, Konstantin Sonin tells Tim Phillips how authoritarian leaders grab and hold on to power. 

Joshua Wilde, 11 December 2020

Will the pandemic create more or fewer babies? Joshua Wilde tells Tim Phillips how Google search data can provide the answer.

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