Luís Cabral, 22 May 2020

Should competition authorities intervene more often in tech mergers? Be careful, Luis Cabral tells Tim Phillips: they risk stifling innovation if they do. 

Dirk Krueger, 14 May 2020

Do we close our public spaces to protect our communities from Covid-19, or keep them open, as in Sweden? Dirk Krueger tells Tim Phillips that informing the public and then trusting individuals to make good choices might deliver a decline in infections, while minimising the Covid recession.

Download Covid Economics 5, including Dirk's paper.
Picture: Creative Commons/Vogler

David Edgerton, 08 May 2020

On the 75 anniversary of the VE Day, David Edgerton tells Tim Phillips that Britain's belief in its go-it-alone scientific and inventive genius is “deluded”, and has stunted the nation's postwar growth.
Download The Economics of the Second World War Seventy-Five Years On, featuring David's chapter.

Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe, 29 April 2020

Last month the media accused New York's wealthy residents of jumping the queue for Covid-19 testing. Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé, a New York resident herself, ran the numbers. She tells Tim Phillips what she discovered.

Mitu Gulati, Ugo Panizza, 27 April 2020

In a new paper called Born out of necessity, a group of economists and  lawyers propose a way for developing and emerging countries to temporarily redirect debt repayments to fund Covid-19 relief. Ugo Panizza and Mitu Gulati tell Tim Phillips how it would work.

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