How macroeconomics has changed since the crisis

Wouter den Haan interviewed by Viv Davies, 23 December 2014

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Topics:  Macroeconomic policy Monetary policy

Tags:  macroeconomics, global crisis, rational expectations, unconventional monetary policy, fiscal policy, financial regulation

CEPR DP9609 A Model of Aggregate Demand and Unemployment
Author(s): Pascal Michaillat and Emmanuel Saez
Published: August 2013

CEPR DP9487 The Great Recession: A Self-Fulfilling Global Panic
Author(s): Philippe Bacchetta and Eric van Wincoop
Published: May 2013

CEPR DP9358 The Mystery of the Printing Press: Self-fulfilling debt crises and monetary sovereignty
Author(s): Giancarlo Corsetti and Luca Dedola
Published: February 2013

CEPR DP10078 Inflating Away the Public Debt? An Empirical Assessment
Author(s): Jens Hilscher, Alon Raviv and Ricardo Reis
Published: July 201

Professor of Economics, London School of Economics and CEPR Research Fellow


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