Jeromin Zettelmeyer, 12 March 2018

Any reform of the Euro Area's fiscal and financial infrastructure must address the balance between member countries' risk-sharing and their market discipline. In this Vox Talk, Jeromin Zettelmeyer discusses the proposals put forward in a new CEPR Policy Insight, "Reconciling risk sharing with market discipline: A constructive approach to euro area reform", that sets out six reforms to improve financial stability within the Euro Area in a way that addresses the deadlock between members' currently polarised interests.

Long-run trends in house prices are inextricably linked to growing inequality and other macroeconomic policy challenges. In this special edition of Vox Talks, Tim Phillips speaks to participants of the CEPR-Imperial College Business School conference, 'Housing – Learning from the past and looking to the future', which took place at Imperial College on 19th January 2018.

Daron Acemoğlu, 12 January 2018

Concerns that industrial robots will replace human labour are widespread. Daron Acemoglu discusses how automation creates a displacement and a productivity effect. Furthermore, the effect of automation on employment heavily depends on the sector it is used in.

Thomas Sampson, Dennis Novy, 08 January 2018

The average British household is already worse off than it was before the Brexit vote. Dennis Novy and Thomas Sampson discuss how much of the rise in inflation is due to Brexit. Higher prices are costing the average household £404 a year. Click for full study.

Fabio Ghironi, 07 December 2017

Most macroeconomists have accepted that their tools need to incorporate more real world phenomena, such as financial intermediation and labor market frictions. Fabio Ghironi discusses the need to incorporate more microeconomics to macroeconomics.

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