Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, 01 July 2022

Recorded live at CEPR Paris Symposium 2022: Supply chain disruption caused by Covid-19 has fed inflation and hobbled stimulus policies. Sebnem Kalemli Özcan tells Tim Phillips about the only solution to this economic long Covid.

Recorded live at CEPR Paris Symposium 2022:  Sanctions against Russia have sent the price of oil and gas rocketing – triggering more, not less, fossil fuel extraction, and some giant projects that have been called “carbon bombs”. Mar Réguant and Rick van der Ploeg tell Tim Phillips that these bombs will explode the climate commitments agreed in Paris in 2015.

Recorded live at CEPR Paris Symposium 2022: What are the consequences of an extended period of above-target inflation for the euro area? Agnès Bénassy-Quéré and Giancarlo Corsetti discuss policy options with Tim Phillips.

The latest CEPR ebook investigates the impact of Brexit so far on the economies of the UK and EU. Tim Phillips talks to three of the authors: Jonathan Portes, Thomas Sampson and Sarah Hall.

Download the eBook: The Economics of Brexit: What Have We Learned?

Recorded live at CEPR Paris Symposium 2022.

What are the long-term consequences of the conflict in Ukraine for the EU? Lucrezia Reichlin and Philippe Martin discuss the impact of the war on trade, energy security, fiscal policy, and green transition with Tim Phillips.

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