Nathan Sussman, 29 May 2020

The mortality statistics of the Covid-19 outbreak suggest that your country's medical infrastructure has a big influence on how likely you are to survive. Nathan Sussman has examined the data and tells Tim Phillips why all countries should be urgently investing in their health services.
Read "Time for Beds" in issue 11 of Covid Economics.

Luís Cabral, 22 May 2020

Should competition authorities intervene more often in tech mergers? Be careful, Luis Cabral tells Tim Phillips: they risk stifling innovation if they do. 

Dirk Krueger, 14 May 2020

Do we close our public spaces to protect our communities from Covid-19, or keep them open, as in Sweden? Dirk Krueger tells Tim Phillips that informing the public and then trusting individuals to make good choices might deliver a decline in infections, while minimising the Covid recession.

Download Covid Economics 5, including Dirk's paper.
Picture: Creative Commons/Vogler

David Edgerton, 08 May 2020

On the 75 anniversary of the VE Day, David Edgerton tells Tim Phillips that Britain's belief in its go-it-alone scientific and inventive genius is “deluded”, and has stunted the nation's postwar growth.
Download The Economics of the Second World War Seventy-Five Years On, featuring David's chapter.

Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe, 29 April 2020

Last month the media accused New York's wealthy residents of jumping the queue for Covid-19 testing. Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé, a New York resident herself, ran the numbers. She tells Tim Phillips what she discovered.

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