Robert Inklaar

Associate Professor, University of Groningen

Robert Inklaar is an Associate Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. His research has focused on international comparisons of economic growth and productivity, the impact of information and communication technologies on productivity, and the role of the financial sector for the rest of the economy. This research has resulted in numerous publications, including a co-authored book at Cambridge University Press and articles in the Journal of Development Economics, European Economic Review, Journal of Economic History, Economic Policy and the Review of Income and Wealth.

He has been actively involved in a number of research projects, including as Key Researcher on a current grant from the Sloan Foundation and US National Science Foundation for the redevelopment of the Penn World Table; Workpackage Leader for the Research on Financial Services in the INDICSER: Indicators for evaluating international performance in service sectors FP7 project; and as a Researcher in the EUKLEMS project from FP6.

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