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  • David Miles, 06 December 2018

    In this post, David Miles uses versions of a neoclassical growth model to trace through the evolution of economic injustice over time.

  • Richard Baldwin, 05 December 2018

    In the final post in the series, Richard Baldwin looks at how globalisation made a second leap in the late 20th century, when ICT radically lowered the cost of moving ideas internationally, not just goods.

  • Michael Anson, Norma Cohen, Alastair Owens, Dan Todman, 04 December 2018

    In this post, Michael Anson, Norma Cohen, Alastair Owens and Daniel Todman describe how research analysing the Bank of England's ledgers reveals the startling truth about the failure of the first bond issue of the Great War and the extraordinary role of the Bank in covering and then concealing the shortfall in funds.

  • Richard Baldwin, 03 December 2018

    In this third in a five-post series, Richard Baldwin describes how globalisation played a key role in the Great Divergence, as rapid industrialisation in today’s rich nations sparked modern growth and a historically unprecedented difference between per-person incomes in the global North and South.

  • Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen, Tristan Kohl, 01 December 2018

    In this post, Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen, and Tristan Kohl discuss why it woud be good news if President Trump and President Xi were to declare at the G20 meeting in Argentina this weekend that they are becoming friends again.


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