Other Recent Blogs&Reviews:

  • Charles Wyplosz, 09 January 2020

    Charles Wyplosz lists ten things he would like to see happen in 2020.

  • Cristina Caffarra, 06 January 2020

    Cristina Caffarra interprets the new report from the UK's Competition & Markets Authority which articulates – for the first time anywhere – what the regulation of Google and Facebook might actually look like.

  • Cristina Constantinescu, Michele Ruta, Aaditya Mattoo, 23 December 2019

    Cristina Constantinescu, Michele Ruta and Aaditya Mattoo suggest policy uncertainty might account for almost half of the slowdown of world trade growth in 2019. 

  • Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, 20 December 2019

    Ceyla Pazarbasioglu describes how emerging and developing economies, which are currently less prepared for another steep global downturn than they were a decade ago, can ramp up growth by adopting ambitious and credible reform agendas

  • Ernesto Zedillo, 09 December 2019

    The US threatens the WTO by blocking appointments to its Appellate Body for settling disputes, but as Ernesto Zedillo explains, other WTO members could override the veto


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